4 days ago

The audience has arrived

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

You will take a quivering hand,
rake a membrane of scented blood,

remove a strip & latch the trap
of a goal line fortune teller.

You are no expert, but you’re standing
on stage, just left of the ghost light.

The audience has arrived
to separate the staff from stars.



Nov 9

To wait, to cut, to be free.

Photo by David Troeger on Unsplash

Something pulled our ship
around the violent coast.

Rumor was a Russian submarine,
maybe a monster whale.

My uncle pulled his filet knife
but the line went slack,

like how you’d hang up on a friend
at the end of a tin can phone call.

No one seemed ready to…



We drug ourselves with container ships

Photo by Paulina K on Unsplash

It is another morning &
people pick up cardboard,
walk their Labradoodles,
sit at stop lights.

We drug ourselves
with container ships,
morning sex, mosquito bites,
razor burn.

The neighbor child
toddles uphill,
I toddle with her —
my thumb just as wet.

I wish a god could witness
the smack…



There’s something about the sound of rain

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

How we have watched it rain —
wing’d drop and dram to later find

fermented wheat we lift with pursed lips.
We are explorers — some chase oceans

with wet and space and sky while more search
coded chemistry to fight a plague,

recover Pompeii, read the wildfires,
recreate a…



Trapper Markelz

Trapper Markelz


Trapper Markelz (he/him) is a poet who writes from Boston, MA. His work has appeared in numerous journals and publications. Check out http://trappermarkelz.com