A Reason to Celebrate

Every counter move is descendant

Trapper Markelz
Jul 12, 2022


Photo by Jennie Clavel on Unsplash

They sat in a circle — these kids —
told stories as the ancients would;
hand to mouth over fire and hot flesh.

Forget that it is the sun. Forget
that it is a contest of strength and constitution.
Laws are written. Make it up as they go.

Every counter move is descendant.
After the grand gestures,
after the parade of privileges,

paper plates of addresses,
a springboard of imaginary retching,
dead sticks in blue plastic cups

pressed by robots in a Midwest rust belt revival.
Some might call them sentient — the dreams
of tiny daughters flossing their toes with grass,

casting evaporated glances, signaling
their presence. Cartwheels and litter. Soda cans.
Ants in the sand. A blushing celebration.

©️ Trapper Markelz 2022



Trapper Markelz

Trapper Markelz (he/him) is a poet who writes from Boston, MA. His work has appeared in numerous journals and publications. Check out http://trappermarkelz.com