Poetry Reading: Negative Land

Wild Roof Journal Podcast, Episode #24

Trapper Markelz
2 min readFeb 4, 2023


Screenshot from the Wildroof Journal video podcast

I had the honor of attending the contributor reading for Wild Roof Journal and sharing my poem Negative Land. You can watch it on YouTube. I give a brief story about the poem starting at 18:45.

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About the Poem

I cover this in the reading, but I thought I would add it here.

This poem originated from a Button Poetry Workshop with Sabrina Banaim. We had 1 minute to write as many verbs as we could think of. We then had five minutes to write 10 lines based on one of the verbs. I chose the verb “dig.” This poem I am reading today is almost exactly how it poured out in those five minutes. 10 lines. Five stanzas. Only a few words were changed in the editing process for flow and rhythm.

This is a poem that contemplates the future and the past. It is a poem curious about the stories of artifacts we make and lose in time. It is a poem curious about the arc of a life and a family. It is a prescriptive poem that asks you to imagine the arc of your own life. It is a poem that wonders what is left when the things you treasure go missing.

📺Watch me read Negative Land

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