Three poems published in The Banyan Review

On The Line, Place of Stones, Anxious Prayer | Issue 11 | September 2022

Trapper Markelz
2 min readSep 22, 2022


Screenshot of The Banyan Review website, Issue 11, September 2022

I am excited to announce that I have three poems appearing in Issue #11 of The Banyan Review. I hope you stop over and give them a read along with all the other poets.

The three poems published there are:

On The Line

Written as a nihilistic meditation during the pandemic about the internal struggle of optimism and pessimism, what it is like to be uncomfortable, and how the eyes are a window to the soul. Read the poem

Place of Stones

A poem inspired by a taco truck on a rural road in western Massachusetts. I stopped there while traveling with some friends. So many good things are hiding in plain sight. We miss them in our hurry to go from place to place. It wasn’t always this way. GPS has changed many things. So has the internet. So has Airbnb. Read the poem

Anxious Prayer

I am really excited for this poem to have found a home at The Banyan Review. This is one of my favorites that I come back to in my mind very often. We have to be present to be grateful, but if we are too present, we can become obsessed with observing the moment. As present as we can be, we still forget later what it was like to be grateful in the moment and we try so hard to reconnect to that, but it feels impossible. I think of this on every camping trip. I think of this on every vacation. I want to remember that perfect moment of relaxation, of family, of gratitude, but it always slips away. Read the poem

Thank you again to The Banyan Review for the publication and the opportunity to share my work!



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